god damn and like, gallifrey has some deeply fucked up and repressive gender norms also, the doctor is a patronizing sack of shit to barbara his first incarnation, he doesn’t expect women to to be useful and his smacked on the snout by polly and zoe and liz and sarah jane until he gets the message that women can be absolute badasses, and when we get to see gallifrey we see vastly less women than men, and only one single woman (the doctor’s aunt flavia) with any political power whatsoever, until we are later told via audio and books that romana got the presidency (and she was promptly removed as soon as the fucking council was like ‘yeah we’re at war so we’d rather that completely bonkers monstrous asshole rassilon lead us than you, thanks much, goodbye’) and anyway romana was defensive as hell  about her talents and intellect when she was first assigned to help the doctor find the key to time. god only knows how much shit she had to shovel to get through school, but she acts like a woman who’s had to be twice as good as anyone to be thought of as a fraction as worthwhile. her snide, icy aloofness and iron poise is so heartbreakingly familiar. 

the doctor learned to respect women once he left his planet and met some snappy aliens who didn’t take any of his civilized time lordy bullshit. and he never went back. he could have picked out any number of submissive braniacs from the whole universe and he didn’t, he liked the feisty, brave, inquisitive, compassionate kids who thought for themselves and wandered off and got into messes and ran away laughing. that’s the doctor i want to watch a show about, not some elitist, predatory dick in a box who’s no better than the crushingly repressive patriarchs he ran away from in the first place. 


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Here are three sets of robots I made last year for fun, and some examples of the reference material I used for them! Ugh I love robots!!!

I got a whole ton of sticker sheets of these 12 robots made; they are very nice and shiny and I have too many. I will just give you a bunch of robot stickers if you order a book or something in the next few weeks.

At least a full set of robot stickers. I gotta get them out of my life. Thank u.


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Album art for Billionaire (Feat. Patrick Stump) by Gym Class Heroes

Billionaire (Feat. Patrick Stump) by Gym Class Heroes


Stop whatever you’re doing and listen. 



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Team RWBY alternate outfits 

Click to see code names.

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Bless Monty for sharing these references.


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buzz buzzm get a honeys!




buzz buzzm get a honeys!



Prince Robot IV in action!Costume by ContagiousVideo Footage by Distractotron


Prince Robot IV in action!

Costume by Contagious
Video Footage by Distractotron


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Meet JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot

See what JIBO can do, and how he can fit in and is helpful in all sorts of families and in many different situations. See how JIBO relates to you and becomes part of the family.

For more information go here : Jibo


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Album art for Hooked on a Feeling [8-bit] by Blue Swede

Hooked on a Feeling [8-bit] by Blue Swede



Blue Swede - Hooked on a Feeling [8-bit]



10 Magical Pebble Paths That Flow Like Rivers

The garden or back-yard is one of the best places in a home for the home-owner to express their creative side. Why surround all those beautiful plants with an ugly path when you can create a creative stone garden path that looks like a work of art? We collected this list to show you what a well-done pebble garden path can look like.

River stones and pebbles worked really well for the projects in these pictures, but just about any stone can work as long as you can think of a cool design with it and turn it into a stable path.

  1. Judy White
  2. unknown
  3.  Claire Ashman
  4. Francesca Gallo
  5.  sarako
  7. Sarah Garner
  9. Chuck Domitrovich
  10. Jeffrey Bale


All you ever need to know about computers. From The Computer: A Ladybird How It Works Book (1979 edition)



blackboard is the worst invention of all time because there’s literally no way to escape your homework. sick with the flu? homework’s on blackboard. snow day? homework’s on blackboard. house burned down? use your fucking phone because the fucking homework’s on blackboard

You never get behind though and that’s pretty great. Also, then you don’t have sick people going to school getting others sick because they can’t handle getting a day behind.